How to make your clothes smell fresh

I’m sure a lot of us can relate to running late because we realise we cannot wear that particular outfit cos it smells of ‘wardrobe’ and last minute you have to conjure up another outfit which also smells of wardrobe.

Good news! Here’s a clever way to keep your wardrobe smelling fresh – just throw in a couple of wax melts/tarts in the wardrobe and drawers to keep them and their contents smelling nice. You can put the wax tart in a chiffon bag to prevent staining (if the wax tart is coloured), you could string a rope through it and hang it or you could just place it straight up in the wardrobe as we have in the picture. Wax tarts are highly fragranced blocks of wax and ours smell amazing.

Go on, order yours today and be versatile in the use of your wax tarts. 


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